Luna Park Is Not Messing Around With Its Terrifying ‘Halloscream’ Event This Year 

Will you survive? 

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Luna Park

October 31st is coming up fast and this year, Luna Park is taking its annual ‘Halloscream’ event to a horrifying new level!

The amusement park has described Halloscream VII as “unsettling”,  “blood-curdling” and “scarier than ever” as they welcome the daring into three terror mazes. 

“After dark, we open the Gateway to Hell and release the Underworld’s lost souls, demons and most hellishly freaky characters, as you enter mazes that will scare the hell out of any hardened-Halloweener.”

The Yōkai Maze

“Descend into darkness as you enter the Japanese Museum of Yōkai. Supernatural forces await – a faceless ghost (Noperra-Bo), slit mouthed woman ( Kuchisake-onna ), bathroom ghost (Hanako-San) and a dog-like yokai haunting the mountains (Okuri Inu).”

The Outlaw Maze

“A dangerous gang of Aussie outlaws in the 1800s overtake an outback pub, holding patrons hostage to avoid the police. These highwaymen are wild, desperate and ready to kill for their lives.”

The Ward 13 Maze

"Nurse Brenda is a crazed nurse on a murderous, blood-spattering rampage through an old, derelict hospital. It’s chaos and medical mayhem in here.”


Apart from the mazes, rides, and horror-characters lurking around every corner, the park will also play host to a continuous screening of Studio Ghibli’s masterpiece Spirited Away which you can purchase tickets to here! 

There will be plenty of spooky themed beverages on offer over at the Halloscream bars too:

The ‘5 Nights of Fright’ will take place over two weekends and on Halloween night:

October: 25th, 26th, & 31st

November: 1st, 2nd

Tickets will set you back $54.95 online, and $74.95 at walking price.  

Find out more here! 

For those who are after something a lot lighter for the kids, Luna Park is also currently hosting ‘Spooksville’, a space for face painting, spooky showtime performances, pumpkin carving, best dressed competitions, and special Halloween-themed food offerings.

Find out more about Spookesville here! 

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Zoe P

9 October 2019

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Zoe P

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