Luke Admits He “Stuffed Up” As Lisa Calls Him A “Douchebag” After The Show

"Luke is responsible for his actions."

16 April 2018

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Last night, fans of Bachelor in Paradise watched on as one of the strongest couples on the island decided they had met the person they came on the show to find, and left together hand in hand.

But it wasn’t long before fans were left heartbroken to find out not only the real reason why the pair left, but that Luke and Lisa weren't even together anymore!

From the start of the series, Luke and Lisa both didn’t really try to fool anyone that they were still together. Most of the couple pics they posted on Instagram seemed kind of sad and they didn’t even follow each other.


But straight after the episode aired last night, Lisa revealed they didn’t leave because of love.

“Just to clear up I left the show as I had a work opportunity come through and I needed to get back home,” she wrote on Instagram.

“Luke was very aware and it was completely up to him if he wanted to leave with me. As lovely as it sounds to be lazing around everyday with a cocktail in hand, sometimes business calls.”


Then this morning, Lisa told Now to Love exactly what went down.

“Since leaving the show, we did date for several months. We got to know each other, we spent a lot of time together, and we've recently broken up.

“Unfortunately the trust was lost, and I respect myself a little bit too much to let somebody walk all over me like that, so we separated.

"We have spoken since and are on talking terms.

"I think mistakes happen, people have to live with those consequences and Luke is responsible for his actions."

When asked which show she preferred - The Bachelor or Bachelor in Paradise, Lisa said she’d go with the former:

“I loved that we had this really solid group of girls and that dates were a lot more extravagant.

“Look, on both shows I met a douche bag - so what do you go with? Go with the extravagant dates!”

So what has Luke said about all this?

Well, taking to his Insta-story, he’s agreed with Lisa, all but confirming those allusions to cheating.

“Sorry it’s taken me a while to update you guys about Lisa and I.

“We did try to make it work on the outside and I don’t want to get into a debate around he-said/she-said and all the different reasons that probably lead to how things broke down.

“Just out of respect for her, I think it’s just best to um, say that I stuffed up and I’m sorry." 

Luke Mcleod Instagram 

“I feel like I’ve let a lot of people down; my friends and family, obviously all you guys, and obviously Lisa

“I hope that you guys can understand somehow the type of pressures these situation can cause and that we call make mistakes.”

On the plus side, Michael is still single Lisa... 

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