Lucy's Love Shack Is The New Late-Night Pizzeria That Perth Deserves!

It's all we need!

3 September 2018

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What's the best thing to eat after having a few beers with your mates and dancing the night away?

If you were going to say pizza, then you would be correct.

3am isn't really any pizza joint's peak time, but if they were open that late, they would definitely find a few hungry people dancing on their doorstep.

Luckily for everyone in Perth, we're getting a new late-night pizza joint so that when you are craving a slice at the crack of dawn, you won't have to wait!

Lucy's Love Shack will be opening it's doors on September 15 and guys, this isn't your regular pizza joint.


Not only will it be open for those who enjoy an all-nighter, it'll also be a music venue where some of your favourite Aussie bands will perform!

With old-school charm, amazing pizzas, live 70’s, 80s and 90’s tunes, free pool, and secret booths, this is the pizza place that Perth doesn't just need, but it deserves!


So, from September 15, you can stop by Lucy's Love Shack for a nice slice and some good vibes every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday!

Mark your calendars!

Lucy's Love Shack 

Where: 104 Murray Street, Perth

When: From Saturday, September 15

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