Lucifer Goes Musical

Season 5 Part 2 Sneak Peak

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In case you missed it, last weekend at the DC FanDome convention, Lucifer showrunners Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson lifted the curtain on a special sneak peek at season 5, and get ready cause it looks like we're in for a musical episode!

You read that correctly! Like Buffy, Supernatural, Riverdale and many other shows before it, Lucifer is set to bring us an episode packed with song and dance numbers, and we honestly cant wait!

We don't know much about the episode but it seems the Devil is the only who is even aware that anything strange is going on. Could it be Micheal up to something, or maybe something even more mysterious?

What we can say is that the teaser is fantastic, and we can expect to see the new episodes hit Netflix early next year.

Check out the teaser video below!


15 September 2020

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