Love Island’s Elias & Justin Open Up About Explosive Off-Camera Fight

"I think it brought up some trauma"

14 June 2018

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Last night, Australia was hit with a bucket of emotions after our FAVOURITE THING ABOUT LOVE ISLAND aka Justin was dumped from the villa, alongside Elias, who we were all fine with seeing leave, tbh.

Since leaving the villa, the boys have spoken out about the ups and downs during their search for love in Spain, including their own heated argument which began on-camera and quickly escalated after Cameraman Steve stopped rolling.

You may remember during a boys’ day out to the beach last week, Elias told Justin that the reason he wasn’t receiving any female attention in the house was because he was perceived as “camp”.

“Girls have said that they think you’re camp,” Elias said. “Not referring to your sexuality at all, but like the way that you’re flamboyant… anyone who deserves to be with you, should easily be able to see past that.”

He maaay have meant to say “should easily love that about you” but okay.


Now, speaking with, Elias revealed:

“After that comment was made, he had a very adverse reaction too off camera, it kind of got to the point where he said words and he might not have made it back into the villa.

“I think it brought up some trauma within him that he wasn’t fully aware of.”

He also told The Daily Mail yesterday, “I tried to say it in the most diplomatic way possible.

“He kind of really worried me the way he reacted after that comment. There was a lot of talk about whether he'd be allowed back into the villa after that.

“He didn't speak to me for the entirety of the week to us leaving.”


Justin also opened up about the fight to the publication:

“It was confronting because I didn't think Elias would say something like that... I left thinking why he of all people would say something like that.

“Quite frankly I don't understand when I've come on to a television show looking for love, why my sexuality would be a topic of sentence between any of the islanders.

“In this day and age a lot of people do question sexuality. I'm just going to keep doing the same thing. People have asked me that and i'm going to answer it the exact same way, I am straight!”


A spokesperson for ITV Studios Australia has since stated:

“Justin was never issued with a production warning about his behaviour during his time in the Villa”.

Do you think the comment was innocent or was Elias out of line? Let us know your thoughts in our Facebook comments! 

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