Love is Blind’s LC Splits From Mark After Reddit Cheating Scandal

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Mark & LC have split after finding out that Mark was cheating on her through a Reddit thread

Sit yourself down and pour yourself a cup of tea, because this Love is Blind cheating scandal is meeesssy.

Firstly, we have to thank Netflix for serving up these trashy dating shows that are insanely binge-worthy, and make us form connections with these couples that probably won’t work, and yet we’re still surprised when they split, but Mark has really done the dirty this time.

Since filming the show, Mark & LC rekindled their romance, but it all came crashing down after a reddit post, when someone posted a photo of Mark and another woman on a date with the caption, ‘My close friend’s co-worker is dating Mark!!’

LC responded to the post, letting everyone know that she was now aware of what Mark was doing.

‘This is awkward because I live in Atlanta and I’ve been dating mark since the beginning of May… But I definitely just broke it off with mark so I really do appreciate you posting this and saving me the energy on dating another liar.’

Since that brutal Reddit post, she clarified their relationship.

‘Mark and I were casually dating, but talked about remaining exclusive, especially because of Covid-19, but that’s over now.’

Mark surprised absolutely no one, by claiming he wasn’t in the wrong.

‘ I enjoyed spending time with LC for a few weeks, but at not point were we in an exclusive relationship, as LC confirmed herself. I wish her the absolute best.’

The moral of this story, communication is key, and in this day and age, you almost need to get someone to sign an Exclusivity Contract or something, just to have the receipts when sh*t goes down.

Although not all the Love is Blind couples have had the same fate, some have managed to stay together.

Here’s who’s still together & who’s split from the show:

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24 June 2020

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