Looks Like We'll Be Seeing An Old Friend In The Next 'GOT' Episode

Well, not THAT old...

Lauren Payne

8 August 2017

Lauren Payne

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Image: HBO

This post may include a few spoilers about last weeks' Game Of Thrones episode AND next week's episode. We obviously don't know this for sure but we thought we might warn you anyway... just in case.

Next week's Game Of Thrones episode looks like it's going to be a doozy!

HBO has always been kind enough to give us a quick preview of the upcoming episode after we've watched the most recent one and well, as Ser Davos so eloquently put it, "bad things are coming."

From this little trailer, we already know that Daenerys didn't burn ALL of the Lannister soldiers, Jon will be getting closer to the dragons and Sansa (or another Stark sibling) has informed their brother about Bran's visions. 

But there's more! 

Remember how everyone said that a long lost character would be returning to season 7?

Well, it looks like it's finally going to happen!

IMDB has listed Mr Joe Dempsie as an actor in Game Of Thrones' next episode which means... Gendry's finally coming back!

Image: IMDB

Now he wasn't in this little trailer so we have absolutely NO IDEA where Gendry is going pop up in Westeros.


Will he return to Dragonstone, knowing that there are new occupants?

Will he pop up in Winterfell after having a chat with Hot Pie?

Or will someone find him hanging out in the middle of nowhere?

Let's just hope that no matter where he is, he finds Arya again soon...


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