Local Photobooth Company SNAP/SNAP Launches Glambooth

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SNAP/SNAP, founded by Danny van der Nguyen, have been dominating the photobooth scene in Adelaide since 2013.

Danny believes “everyone can look amazing in a photo, it's the photographers job to know how to facilitate that, or in our case, the photo-booth”

Catering for all types of occasions, SNAP/SNAP has the party and corporate scene covered with their traditional OPENBOOTH and interactive GIFBOOTH.

Danny knew there was room in the Adelaide market for something more luxe to cater for events like weddings after a wedding client requesting to customise her photobooth package to a design inspired by the Kardashian/Jenner family.

This highlighted the need of the GLAMBOOTH in Adelaide, Danny said “we did our research after the event and realised it was a huge thing in the LA photo-booth scene”

And… now it’s here! SNAP/SNAP offer the GLAMBOOTH to Adelaide party goers for an extremely affordable price.

“The GLAMBOOTH is what we call our ultimate photo-booth experience, but it’s more like having a personal professional photo-studio, it creates the perfect amount of highlights and shadows on our users’ face which makes them look absolutely stunning.”

hit107 proudly support SNAP/SNAP, and you may have seen their OPENBOOTH and GIFBOOTH at multiple of our events.

The newest addition,  the GLAMBOOTH, excites us as it will allow us to expand our events to more clients and give our events an edge.

To take your next event to the next level head to SNAP/SNAP and mention “HIT107” and the first 10 people will get 10% your first photobooth package.

Emma Charlton

27 November 2019

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Emma Charlton

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