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Adani has rejected the Black-throated Finch Management Plan review panel's final report in its entirety.

The corporation released a statement yesterday saying the Department of Environment and Science ignored their previous feedback and has not addressed the issues raised.

Adani believes the report holds false and inaccurate statements about the plan, and hysterical claims on local extinction for the finch.

 Information suggests Adani’s new law firm has used the legal system to pressure Government, silence critics, and financially cripple activists.

That's according to an investigation by the ABC where they obtained documents that allegedly show AJ & CO promised to be Adani’s trained attack dog.

The firm has reportedly launched bankruptcy proceedings against a mining opponent in the past.

While one of their strategies also reportedly looks at using the legal system to silence activists who spread "untruths".

It comes to light following Matt Canavan’s visit to North Queensland this week where he said the Greens are stopping the mine from moving forward.


 A public hearing will get underway today talking about how to control the spread of cane toads.

The Department of Environment and Energy, along with Agriculture and Water Resources, plus the CSIRO are all expected to present their own evidence.

The toads been the centre of controversy this week, with the RSPCA calling on us to stop killing them inhumanely.


The Heart Foundation is urging us to check our heart age.

A new online calculator will now give us access to information to asses our own personal issues, after new reports showed regional Australians are at greater risk.

Mackay’s rates of heart related hospitalisations are 19 per cent higher than the national average with our mortality rate up 8 per cent on our fellow citizens.

To check your heart age head to: https://www.heartfoundation.org.au/your-heart/know-your-risks/heart-age-calculator?gclid=CjwKCAiA767jBRBqEiwAGdAOr6ItFYCEzQkEZFnwFIiZP7AEYUMFQA9MJlkem2fNz5qqfVD3BT41YhoCDawQAvD_BwE

19 February 2019

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