Local News Headlines Mackay and The Whitsundays, 23rd of January, 2018

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22 January 2018

Police are beginning their investigations as to where a Mackay woman’s put 1.7 million dollars she’s embezzled. The 48 year old working for local businesses and taking the money over the past year. A six month investigation finally leading to the woman’s arrest over the weekend. She's been bailed and will appear in the Mackay magistrates court in February.

Frank and George Vella will not be forgotten in Sarina. The two brothers laid to rest after being found in a molasses tank they were cleaning only a week ago.Locals attending their funeral yesterday to say goodbye to them.

McCreadys Creek in the Southern Regional Wetlands is on the MACKAY regional councils work list. Slashing old cane and weeds along the western edge and weed control and planting all underway for the next few months. The initial works worth $110 thousand dollars... with funding from Voluntary Mechanism for Stormwater Quality Management.

Mackay residents are being urged to think about donating blood before the weekend begins. The red cross urgently asking locals to help with bloody supply as appointments are left vacant. Community and Relations Officer for the Red Cross Barry Lynch says supplies help so many people.

The Whitsundays continue to party this week. The Open boat days at the Marina starting from Thursday. It'll give those wanting to know what it would be like to sail on the high seas from the comfort of the yachts, by the shore.


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