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Lately we’ve all been glued to the news, watching this new normal unfold as we get very good at quickly gauging how long 1.5m is. Our social media feeds have been filled with every type of story, running the gamut from devastating heartbreak to upliftingly life-affirming. It’s prompted a lot of us to take stock and ponder how we can be part of the good stuff, the actions and do-something-about-its that make our own part of the world a better place. If only there was an app to help us search, organise and facilitate us being good sorts.

Hold the phone – there is!


Lean in Newy is a clever little app that lets you see who’s needing a hand in our local community. For example, a local charity might need help designing a flyer for an upcoming event. You’ve got the talent and time, so you decide to pitch in. Then… BOOM! To say thanks for being a dead set ledge, the Lean in Newy app credits you with some tasty reward points. Y’see, there’s a lot of local businesses who want to reward benevolent folk who choose to donate their time and energy. So every task you help out with through Lean in Newy, earns you credit points to spend with a bunch of great local businesses.


The best part of it all is – everyone can get involved. You don’t need to be a specialist or professional anything. The app lets you browse and choose based on what you can bring to the table. Newcastle has already shown it’s a town that cares about its people. Fancy some inspiration? Download Lean in Newy to start pitching in and earning your thankyou reward points… and lean into the happiness!

5 June 2020

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