Local Artist Is On The Lookout For Children From M1 Mural

Are you one of the children?

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Glenn Hampson, Gold Coast Bulletin

A local artist is searching for the children who were painted onto the mural wall along the M1 in Elanora and Palm Beach.

The mural was originally created as part of a competition and it has since become an iconic feature of the Gold Coast. The work features the faces of around 120 children. 


Maleika Haplin is the photographer on a quest to find as many people from the mural as possible. Her work will be eventually going into a book titled Children of the Freeway where the lives of the children will be documented. 

Dan and Ben spoke about some of the urban legends relating to the paintings, although we've probably all come up with our own theories. Some theories are spooky, and others are a bit more logical.


The team spoke to Haplin who has already been in contact with around 90 people! What a mission! 

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Jessica Ambler

1 October 2019

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Jessica Ambler

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