Loaded Bratwursts Are Now A Thing And We Couldn't More Excited


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The Bavarian

Just when you think you've seen it all, everything from loaded fries to loaded shnittys. Now, we bring you this.

Loaded bratwursts.

The Bavarian have decided to now generously smother, cover and load their bratwursts with themed toppings and sauces, creating quirky fusions of diners’ favourite dishes and flavour combinations for $18 a pop.


You have the choice of three tasty german sangas.

The first is inspired by Korea. The Spicy K Dog packs the intensely flavoured and spicy punch characterised by the cuisine. The loaded dog incorporates the umami tang of kimchi slaw, nuttiness of sesame seeds and the freshness of spring onion, all stuffed and stacked onto a delicious kielbasa sausage and brioche bun.

Those who are ready to beat the heat can enjoy the Chilli Dog, which is piled with chilli con carne, queso, tomato, onion salsa and jalapeños.

Last of the three loaded brats is the Mac & Cheese Dog, which comprises a cheese Kransky, nestled in a brioche bun, and topped with creamy mac and cheese, crispy fried onion and BBQ sauce.

OK, queue food coma.

And just when you thought you couldn't decide which one you want, why not try all three in the Mega Loaded Dog for just $25? 

And I mean, since you're already halfway there you may as well chuck in some bubbles with a bottle of Chandon for $60 or with four Pines Summer Ale stein for just $15 with any brat. 

Say no more! head on over to The Bavarian at Tea Tree Plaza (976 North East Road, Modbury) for your loaded brat now.

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Eve Swain

16 January 2020

Article by:

Eve Swain

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