Lleyton Hewitt SLAMS Gossip Magazines After Ridiculous Rumours

The lies need to stop

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

29 September 2017

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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In an era where gossip magazines throw wild rumours around like they’re pieces of candy and the public are kids on a sugar high, you can imagine how sick and tired celebs get of hearing things about them that just are NOT true. 

The Hewitt family has definitely had their fair share of ridiculous rumours, and Lleyton took to the Today show on Friday to reveal what his life is actually like, with rumours circling that his marriage is ‘in trouble’. 


The tennis legend spoke lovingly of his relationship with Bec, saying they couldn’t be happier than they are now.

He then proceeded to slam gossip magazines for the ‘out of control’ rumours and lies they spread which can potentially ruin relationships and reputations. He told them they could all ‘get stuffed’.


“We’ve got three beautiful kids and we couldn’t be happier.”

The couple have been good at blocking out the negative reports, with Lleyton revealing, “You’ve got to try and just black it out as much as possible.

“Obviously it’s annoying and frustrating because it is just pure lies every week.

“The worst thing out there is people out there actually believe some of it… it’s gotten out of control now, it really is an absolute joke.”

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