Link Found Between Casinos And Shopping In Supermarkets

Brainwashing consumers

30 January 2018

Ever feel like you go to the supermarket and come out with A LOT of unnecessary purchases?

Behavioural experts warn supermarkets are being laid out strategically to get us to spend more time and money…just like in a casino.

"Both those spaces are designed to encourage people to lose their sense of time, to lose a sense of purpose and to focus them on the products on offer," gambling expert Dr Charles Livingstone said.

Supermarkets are deliberately placing staple products, such as eggs and bread, at opposite ends of the store to increase the chances of consumers buying other potential products.

Similar strategies are used in casinos where players are directed through poker machines and cheaper card tables on their way to and from lifts and toilets.

Both spaces use specific lighting, colours and music which are deliberately created to play on impulse control and the lack of clocks also encourages people to stay longer.

Experts say that even when consumers or casino players are aware of these tricks, the mind gives way to impulse behaviour, making it hard to control.

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