Lincoln Lewis' Trainer Reveals How The Star Got So Shredded

He looks incredible

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If you walked through a newsagency and did a double take at the latest Men's Health magazine cover, we wouldn't blame you. Actor Lincoln Lewis is looking FIRE.

He dropped 12kgs, added a stack of muscle and says he is 100% ready for whatever comes his way.

So, how did he do it?

We caught up with Personal Trainer to the stars Jono Castano to find out the secret. Jono is the man responsible for Lincoln's transformation and has a long list of Aussie celebs get sweaty with him including Casey Donovan and Matty J.

While Jono explains that Lincoln followed the steps of his tailored training plan, it really comes down to a clients mindset. In between putting individual plans together, training his clients and even launching his own app, Jono is a big believer in creating the right environment, be it in the gym or on his social media platforms to his half a MILLION followers.

While Jono is in high demand, his app gives those who can't make it to Sydney to train with him a chance to work out in Acero Training Series style.

Jono's advice on getting ripped for summer? Just 45 minutes a day is all it takes. Be fair on yourself, commit and you'll see results in no time!

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5 September 2019

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