Lily Allen Randomly Turned Up At A Melbourne House Party & It’s The Greatest Thing We’ve Seen

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Bree Gashparac

12 February 2019

Bree Gashparac

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Instagram: sophie.cheffins

We’ve all dreamed of having our favourite star turn up to our house, and for three lucky Melbourne fans, it actually came true.

Carly, GG and Sophie Cheffins, who had been Lily Allen fans for years, got the surprise of their lives when the star walked into GG's house party on Sunday night. 

Carly told us she had messaged the star during a big night out, expressing how much the three of them enjoyed Lily's concert at The Forum on Wednesday 6th February.

"I messaged her with some Instagram videos, telling her we wanted to be besties with her and have a drink with her."

After Lily replied in the morning (!!!), Carly sent another video...

"This is crazy, but my sister is having a house party tonight. You are welcome to come."

And Lily said... "Of course we can." OMG!

The three of them weren't sure whether Lily would actually show up and the party went ahead while Sophie enjoyed the singer's second Melbourne concert. To everyone's surprise, LILY TURNED UP!

Carly reminisced about the hour they spent partying with Lily, telling us they spent time dancing to Shania Twain's 'Man I Feel Like A Woman' in one of the bedrooms. Lily even tried her dad's moonshine gin and loved it.

"[She is such] a sweetie to make our night, it was amazing and so kind of her."

After she had time to process it, Sophie described the night on Instagram as the “most special, surreal and f***ed night of her life.” Not bad for someone who once waited for 12 HOURS to see Lily play at Splendour.

Lily Allen really is a LEGEND.

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