Life after school: choose your own adventure

It’s OK not to have all the answers yet

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School has been probably the hugest commitment in your life so far. For 12 years, you had the luxury of knowing what was coming next… with very little actual decision making on your part. Sure, it was down to you to select subjects but – beyond that - the road map was already set in place. It’s like… you were in the driver’s seat but it was in one of those cars that talks to satellites and steers itself and laughs at your jokes (A.I. still kinda freaks us out).

Then you land in your graduation year, it flies by and – BAM - you’re out. Your world no longer revolves around when your double study period is. All of a sudden, everyone from your folks to your neighbour’s cat pummels you with the cliché question:

“ What do you want to do with your life?”   


Some of us know this answer, possibly having known it all our lives; some of us have an idea of the kind of work that would float our boats; whilst others are just going where the wind blows us. And that’s OK! There’s so much pressure to enrol in uni immediately and commit yourself to years of specialised learning. But studies have shown that school leavers who jump straight into uni study are more likely to first-year dropout than others who take their time to enrol. So why rush yourself? There’s a much simpler way to prepare yourself for the workforce.

Maybe you know you’re a creative creature?

Or you’re really good with people?

Perhaps you’re the host with the most?

At school, your job was to try and sponge up as much as you could across a whole bunch of subjects. Now that you’re out, you can start being picky about what you want to learn. This is the time when learning can be experimental, all about your passions or a way to put yourself out of your comfort zone. Learning doesn’t mean tying yourself to another big chunk o’ years in a classroom. It can mean internships, short courses, certificates, diplomas. GeSS Education can help you gather up the building blocks of knowledge needed to set you off on this crazy adventure we call being a grown-up.


Don’t start this next chapter thinking you need to have all the answers now. Turn this page understanding that all you need to know…. is that you don’t really know anything. 

GeSS Education gets it. Whether destined for uni, the workforce or trying out different taster courses, there’s a place just for you in this big ol’ world. And there’s a place just for you at the brand new GeSS Education campus in Southport. 

Welcome to your next big adventure. And it all starts with a single click… right [ here ]

19 February 2020

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