Legendary Andrew Denton Reveals Which Interview He “Blew So Badly” 

And he shares his best tips!

13 April 2018

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One of the highest praised interviewers in Australian history, Andrew Denton, has revealed which of his long list of interviews he found the most intriguing, which one he still has regrets about and shared his best interviewing tips!

He’s back on April 17 with a brand new show on Channel 7, Interview, which will see him sit down, one-on-one, with some of the most influential people on the planet. 

But there is a reason Andrew is so acclaimed. He’s conducted some of the most iconic interviews on television, from Steve Irwin to Bill Clinton.

So when Andrew joined Heidi, Xavier & Ryan this morning, we jumped at the chance to turn the questions around and interview the interviewer!

Take a listen below to hear why he believes French tightrope-walker Philippe Petite was his most intriguing interview, and what his mistake was when interviewing Princess Mary and Prince Frederick.

“Sometimes I get it wrong. Sometimes I overreach. Sometimes the chemistry isn’t there.

“I went and did an interview with Princess Mary and Prince Frederick of Denmark years ago, and I blew that so badly.”

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