Leave Work Early Tomorrow, It’s Going To Be Hot In Perth!


Zoe P

12 October 2017

Zoe P

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Temperatures are set to climb in Perth tomorrow but it’s not going to last long, so we all need to jump on it! 

There’s no need to lie, everyone knows that none of us actually do any work on a Friday. We mentally check out at about 10am, maybe even earlier. 

So, that’s why it might be wise to let the ol’ boss know that it’s finally going to hit 31°C tomorrow and we should all just not bother coming into work anyway! 


After a week of meh weather and “it’s not too cold, but you should still bring a jacket”, we are finally getting some decent spring weather.  

Although not summer yet, we are getting a very good taste of what’s to come with tomorrow’s 31°C dropping to a healthy 30°C on Saturday and 27°C on Sunday - Can’t complain about that!

Maybe grab an ice-cream and have a stroll in the sunshine, maybe take a dip in the pool or a bike ride?! 

What’s important to note, however, is that the temps will then begin dropping again, with rain predicted for Monday! Temperatures are going to hit a high of just 20°C next week with possible showers.

We’ve given you a heads up, now go, enjoy your sunny Friday! 



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