Laurina Says Some Of The Guys Bullied Her Whilst Filming Bachelor In Paradise

They bullied her about Blake!

2 April 2018

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It looks like not everyone was having a great time when they were filming Bachelor In Paradise in Fiji.

Laurina Fleure came into the game last week, confident that she would find the man she was looking for.

She ended up going on a date with Blake Colman, which a lot of fans were a bit confused about and turned out to be a bit strange because of the mud smearing...

Turns out, after the date was over, Laurina wasn't overly into Blake and she's told TV Week that some of the other guys on the island actually started bullying her about her relationship with him!

"I was happy to hang out with Blake, but for me, it wasn't evolving romantically with him."


According to the bachelorette, Sam Cochrane, Blake's best friend on the show, made her feel pressured to stay with him.

"Sam Cochrane told me 'not to mess around his friend, Blake'. I'd already felt the pressure, so to have the guys saying stuff like that to me made me anxious.

"It felt like bullying. No-one should be telling anyone they should be with someone."


Laurina explained that she didn't want to hurt Blake's feelings and that the situation brought her so much anxiety that for a while, she didn't leave her room!

"I found myself hiding in my room with anxiety because I didn't want to let him down. I was happy to go along with it for a bit, but eventually, it became a bit much.

"The feelings weren't reciprocated, so I had to let him know. He was a nice guy, but it all got out of hand."


Laurina also explained that if she had known about Blake's past, she wouldn't have chosen him for her first date.

"I'd seen bits and pieces of him on Sophie's season [2017, when Sophie Monk was the Bachelorette], and I thought he was cocky and cute.

"I wasn't aware of his slip-ups or the way he left The Bachelorette, if I had known that stuff before, it would have been a bit of a turn-off."

This explains why we didn't see much of Laurina in last night's Bachelor In Paradise episode, hopefully, she'll find the man she's looking for!


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