Largest Hail Stones Ever Recorded In Australia Pelts Queensland Town

Wanna know how big they actually were?

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Yalboroo was pelted with the largest hail stones ever recorded in Australia on Tuesday afternoon. Source: Strange_Sounds, Twitter

A new Australian hail record has been made in Queensland as giant ice stones smashed Yalboroo, north of Mackay, on Tuesday afternoon. 

The Bureau of Meteorology confirmed they had seen credible footage of hail stones measuring an insane 16 cm in diameter, surpassing the previous record set around the same time last year in another Queensland town, Brisbane. 

“It’s very impressive – obviously not for the residents underneath it – but some very impressive hail. We saw some photos of hail next to a tape measure, the team will be looking at that to see if we can verify it."

- Senior Meteorologist Dean Narramore

Social media lit up with footage from the mammoth storm. 


Social media user Christopher Harvey recorded footage of his car being pelted whilst revealing the car seen in front of his had its front windscreen smashed. 


Christopher Harvey shows the damage caused to his car from the hail storm. Source: Christopher Harvey, Facebook

The insane event attracted the attention of international weather watchers. Gaint hail will be a possibility again on Wednesday as storms are expected to linger over the southeast and central Queensland coasts.

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20 October 2021

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