Landmark Occasion As Albury Globe Building Restores Signature Element

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The Border Mail: James Wiltshire

The landmark Globe Building in Albury has regained the giant globe on its rightful spot, following over 50 years without the signature element. 

The addition marks a special occasion, after the verandah was brought down for construction in the 1960s, brining a piece of history back to the town at last. 

A replacement that is 1.8 metres in diameter, the globe now has a spinning element for residents and local by-passers to view as a signature part of the town. 


On Friday morning, building owner Ivan Peppe was joined by a small community crowd for the return of the globe atop the Globe Building. 

"It's a relief more than anything," Mr Peppe said. 

"The building had been neglected for so long, but if you looked further than that and took the cobwebs away there was an opportunity to make something special."

- Globe Building Owner, Ivan Peppe

"It is a premier spot in Albury, but for some reason it was just let go."

Weighing in at 200kg, the refurbished globe was constructed and crafted by Grove Steel Solution in Jindera - who began steel work on the site after a major redevelopment was announced last year.

On the corner of Dean and Kiewa streets, is in the midst of a $1.6 million upgrade of its ground level shops, an area that was once occupies by The Border Mail news outlet.


Opening in 1860, the Globe Building hosts true heritage significance and the planning will establish a prominence landmark for the historic location. 

"The current building owner purchased the property with the intention of restoring the building to its former glory, improving the individual tenancies and brining the building up to current day building requirements." Property planning consultant Matt Johnson said.

The historic redevelopment has a fresh twist, with the Globe now spinning on its axis for a total of 90 seconds for a complete rotation.

"We all thought it would be really cool if we could make it spin rather than just sit up there as a 3D figure," Building contractor Anthony Barker said.

"The whole design is meant to look like a globe that sit on your desk."

The monuments return was completed on Friday morning, and can now be spotted passing through the regional area. Full redevelopment of the site will continue right through 2021.

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18 June 2021

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