Lake Hugh Muntz Closed All Week For Algae Cleanse

All-Natural Product Trial

Matt Petropoulos

10 December 2018

Matt Petropoulos

Article heading image for Lake Hugh Muntz Closed All Week For Algae Cleanse

The city is going au naturale in its bid to vanquish algael blooms from Lake Hugh Muntz once and for all.

The Mermaid Waters lake is closed this week as part of a $97,000 trial of a new all-natural, people and pet friendly product in a bid to improve water quality.

Deputy Mayor Donna Gates said the lake would be closed to the public between December 10-17.

"This is an ecological product that has been used in hundreds of lakes around the world including Australia," Deputy Mayor Gates said.

"There is no guarantee it will work but we are committed to trying to improve the long-term water quality at Lake Hugh Muntz."

Nearby residents were also asked to help do their part by being mindful of what products they use around the house, including soap for washing the car and fetiliser that runs off into the lake from people's gardens.

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