Lady Gaga Drops Anime Inspired 'Stupid Love' Video

Yas Gaga!

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We've patiently waited for Lady Gaga to come back into our lives with some new music and Mother Monster has answered our calls.

Gaga dropped the video for 'Stupid Love' today and in the clip we see her in crystal covered planet, in scenes that remind us of Mad Max... if it were bubblegum pink. It's hard to believe this WHOLE video was shot on an iPhone 11?!


Rumour is this era of Lady Gaga is going to hail back to her pop roots and we cannot WAIT to see what she's going to serve us up! You may have noticed the word 'Chromatica' at the end of the video, this is apparently (finally) what Gaga's album (known as LG6) is going to be called.

You can grab your copy of 'Stupid Love' here.

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1 March 2020

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