Labor Promises To Pay Super To Women And Men On Parental Leave

Women retire with less Super than men.

19 September 2018

Article heading image for Labor Promises To Pay Super To Women And Men On Parental Leave

Women on maternity leave or juggling several low-paid jobs would be paid superannuation under a $400 million Labor plan to close the retirement gender gap.

Opposition deputy leader Tanya Plibersek unveiled the policy on Wednesday, saying too many Australian women retire in poverty.

Women retire on average with $113,000 less in their super than men, a gulf of 40 per cent.

"This policy's a real cracker for women," Ms Plibersek told AAP.

Labor would also pay superannuation on parental, dad and partner leave.

The party is also looking to phase out the $450 minimum monthly threshold for eligibility for the superannuation guarantee, helping people in part-time and casual work.

Ms Plibersek said more people - particularly women - were working various low-paid jobs to make ends meet.

"So many more people are working two or three or four casual part time jobs," she said.

"We think you should get your superannuation on those smaller pay packets as well."

Australian Council of Trade Unions president Michele O'Neil welcomed Labor's announcement, but argued the threshold should be scrapped immediately to ensure working women don't retire in poverty.

"Every year this reform is phased in, means another year where women are not paid superannuation on every dollar they are working hard for," she said.

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