Kochie Legit Said Men Work Harder Than Women On ‘Sunrise’ 

He got slammed.

13 December 2017

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Kochie was slammed and owned by the women of Sunrise yesterday after his perspective on man flu had everyone facepalming. 

Look, we know the Sunrise crew are all good mates, and when they bicker, it’s usually just fun banter between a family. 

However, this exchange between Kochie and his all-female guest panellists Jackie Frank, Melissa Hoyer and Kristie Mercer as well as his co-hosts Samantha Armytage and Natalie Barr is like when your dad randomly says something super offensive at a party and you kick him under the table. 

Discussing the topic of ‘man flu’, Kochie explained how a Canadian researcher claimed that man flu is real, with men having a weaker immune system due to how hard they work… 


He then dished this sentence: “We get worn out more because we work harder.” 

Naturally, his panellists didn’t hold back, with Jackie asking, “What universe are you on?”... Pretty much everyone yelled at him and dished some unimpressed looks. 

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