Koala Found Dead In Gold Coast Pool

Warning: Graphic images

3 February 2019

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Home owners near koala habitats across the Gold Coast are being urged to keep their pools covered tightly when not in use.

The plea comes from Wildcare Australia Inc. after a koala drowned in a backyard pool at Arundel over the weekend.

It was believe the female, who carers have names Summer, fell in while trying to take a drink on Saturday night, with the owners waking to the sad sight the next morning.

Carers took to Facebook advising pool-owners to cover their pools or tie a rope or piece of shade cloth to a nearby tree and attach it to a floatie (like a milk bottle) in the pool, to help any floundering marsupials pull themselves out.

"With this terrible summer heat and no rain that we are experiencing in so many parts of the country, please help keep wildlife safe with little things you can do," the post read.

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