Kmart Mums Are Losing It Over This Ultimate Kid’s Play Station For Only $39

The perfect Christmas present!

Scoopla Team

22 November 2017

Scoopla Team

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With Christmas creeping up fast, mums and dads have begun their frantic search to fill their kids' stockings and still have enough money left over to cover the big festive feast. 

It's general knowledge that once you have a young family of your own, Christmas can easily (and quickly) break the bank. Under the tree, it's normal to find presents gifted from the parents, your little brothers and sisters (aka, the parents), Santa (aka, the parents), and sometimes even the household pet (aka, the parents). 

Which is exactly why keeping a keen eye out for bargains come this time of year is crucial! 

This is where Kmart Mums Australia steps in; a group of women who not only share the same love of Kmart as we do, but have each other's backs when it comes to finding the perfect bargain item. 

Taking to the page, Samantha Jaye shared her new (or should I say, her child's new) obsession - an adorable 'Wooden Activity Station' that goes for only $39! 

"If you have little ones do yourself a favour and get one of these they are sooo adorable and the quality is amazing," she wrote. "Would make a good xmas present also."

Her post has since gone off with fellow Kmart mums obsessing over the charming toy! 

Samantha Jaye / Supplied to the Hit Network

The product isn't yet available online, however, is in stores now! We suggest calling your local Kmart and asking to put this baby on hold... something tells us this is going to go fast! 


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