Kirwan Kerbside Collection Confusion Set Straight

There's multiple different zones

4 May 2018

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Kerbside collection has been a big talking point around town, and now it's got residents in Kirwan a little confused. 

The current collection is covering Zone 8 (Heatley and Kirwan) and the next collection which starts on May 7, will cover Zone 9 (Kirwan and Cranbrook).

While this may be correct, it's important to note how the suburb of Kirwan has been zoned.

The suburb which hosts homes to over 21,000 locals has been split into multiple zones.

8Heatley and Kirwan30/4/18
9Kirwan and Cranbrook7/5/18

If you live in Kirwan this is where you fall:


Didn't see your Kirwan street listed? You probably live in Zone 3 or 4 which were collected earlier in the year as part of the Thuringowa area. 

So it might be time for you to bring that old couch back inside if you're not a Zone 8 or 9 Kirwan home. 

We hope that clears up the kerbside confusion! 


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