Kingaroy Police Were Kept Busy Last Month

Drug and traffic offences and more…

6 August 2018

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Officers from Kingaroy responded to a variety of incidents between July 23, to July 30, within the Kingaroy Police Division. These incidents included drug, traffic and property related matters.

During this period police also attended five calls related to domestic violence incidents, issued 33 infringements notices for life endangering traffic offences and performed 192 Roadside Breath Tests.

Traffic Offences:

On Monday July 23, at 10.20am, police intercepted a Ford sedan on Albert street.  The 29-year-old Kingaroy man who was driving the vehicle was found to be unlicensed.

He will appear in the Kingaroy Magistrates Court on August 20, for allegedly driving whilst unlicensed and driving an unregistered vehicle.

On Saturday July 28, at 1.05pm, police attended a single vehicle traffic crash in Haly Street.

Investigations indicate the driver, a 24-year-old Kingaroy man, of the Holden sedan had accelerated heavily whilst turning right from Youngman street onto Haly Street.  The driver lost control of the vehicle and mounted the footpath before coming to rest.

The driver of the vehicle provided a positive test to a relevant drug and was detained for the purpose of further testing. Investigations are continuing.

Property Offences:

Tuesday July 24, 11am:  Police are investigating the theft of a phone charging cord and cable from an Alford street store.  The suspect female has removed the item from the shelf before removing it from the packaging and exiting the store without paying.

The offender is described as a caucasian female, large build, brown hair in a pony tail. Wearing a white looking jumper, black pants and thongs thongs. She was seen to be pushing a pram with a young boy in the front and a yellow canvas bag was hanging off the pram.

The female is also suspected of having committed a similar offence on July 20.

Monday July 23 to Wednesday 25 :  Unknown persons have entered underneath a high set residence in Alford street Kingaroy and have stolen household items. Investigations are continuing.

Wednesday July 25, overnight:   Unknown persons have damaged a glass door to a business in Short street.  Damage has been caused by kicking the bottom glass panel of the door. Investigations are continuing.

Thursday July 26, 1.30pm:  Two offenders were in an Alford Street store when one offender has pointed to goods on a shelf which were then removed by a second offender.

Offender two has removed the items from the packaging before secreting them under her skirt.

Both offenders have left the store without paying for the items.

Offender one is female aged mid 20’s, caucasian, solid build, strawberry blond hair tied up, medium height.

Offender two is female, aged around early 40’s, and described as Caucasian, slim build, medium height, black hair tied up.

Investigations are continuing.

Thursday July 26 1.15pm.  Police are investigating the theft of a black Holden commodore from Pound street.

Offenders have stolen the keys from the owner’s handbag.  The vehicle was located later that day parked in Hodge street and investigations are continuing.

Thursday July 26, overnight: Police are investigating the theft of Blue Toyota corolla from a business in Victoria street.

Offenders have forced an external garage door to gain access to the vehicle with keys that had previously been stolen.

The vehicle was later subject to an evade offence in Murgon before being returned to the business and parked back in the garage. Investigations are continuing.

Wednesday July 25, to Friday July 27:  Unknown persons have gained entry to a Ford utility parked at a Youngman street residence via an unsecured drivers door. The vehicle was searched but it appears no property was stolen and investigations are continuing.

Saturday July 28, 10pm:  Investigations are being conducted into a vehicle fire at a Crawford Road address.  Neighbours contacted Queensland Fire and Emergency Services after observing a Ford station wagon on fire in the front yard of the address.

Police also attended but the contents of the vehicle were destroyed. Investigations are continuing with the matter being treated as suspicious at this time.

Drug Offences:

Wednesday July 25, 4am:  Police intercepted a Ford sedan in Doonkuna Street.  A subsequent search of the vehicle located a small quantity of dangerous drugs. A 39-year-old Kingaroy man will appear in the Kingaroy Magistrates Court on September 3, charged with allegedly possessing a dangerous drug.

Thursday July 26, 7.40pm:  Police were called to a residence in Julie Street, Taabinga in relation to another matter.  Whilst at the address police located dangerous drugs. A 22-year-old Taabinga woman will appear in the Kingaroy Magistrates Court on August 20, charged with allegedly producing a dangerous drug.

Sunday July 28, 3.40pm:  Police received reports of occupants of a Toyota station wagon acting suspiciously whilst parked near an ATM in Alford street.  A search of the occupants and the vehicle located dangerous drugs.

A 42-year-old Wattle Camp woman will appear in the Kingaroy Magistrates Court on August 20, charged with allegedly possessing a dangerous drug as well as a dangerous item in a public place.

If you have any information relating to any of the above incidents please contact police:

CRIME STOPPERS: 1800.333.000


ON LINE FORM: online form 24hrs per day.


Quote these reference numbers: QP1801342013, QP1801349833, QP1801355446, QP1801354392, QP1801364644, QP1801365710, QP1801366414, QP1801367942, QP1801372339, QP1801380241, QP1801384100, QP1801388632


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