KING OF THE CASTLE: 5 Year Old Nolan Gets New Home

Generous businesses made it happen

23 March 2018

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If you've ever been out and about on a Saturday morning there's a high chance you've met Nolan Rooms' family. 

They fundraise endlessly to give Nolan the best life possible, and they've just hit a major milestone. 

Nolan was born 3.5 months too early and ended up with quadriplegic cerebral palsy, but now he has a home that is suited to all his needs. 

With the generous support of local businesses the house keys were handed over the family on March 22. 

On the 'Nolan's Journey to Walk' Facebook page his parents shared the beautiful moment:

"Today Nolan’s house was handed over to us as a completed and beautiful family home.

Thanks to Martin Locke Homes and all of their incredible trades, services and suppliers we are the proud owners of our forever home. A home that gives Nolan a future with more independence and access than we could have ever hoped for.

There are no words that we can write or say that show our gratitude and what a bright future this has created for Nolan and us as his family.

Thank you to everyone who played a part in making this happen."

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