Kids with Underlying Health Conditions Now Eligible For Pfizer

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Covid vaccination rules are changing for some children aged between 12 to 15 now eligible for Pfizer after being set in phase 1b of the vaccine rollout.

The changes set to come into effect from 9 August include Indigenous children and kids with asthma and epilepsy, among other conditions.

The National Briefing

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt said ultimately the amendment to phase 1b means greater security for our compromised youth.

" It includes approximately 220,000 children who will be given now as a consequence of that decision"

- Health Minister Greg Hunt


Deputy Chief Medical Officer Michael Kidd said its a real plus that children "at greatest risk" of Covid-19 will now be able to get the Pfizer vaccine.

"This includes children with severe asthma, with diabetes, with obesity with cardiac and circulatory congenital abnormalities," he said.

"And of course, all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children … and those children living in remote communities"

- Deputy CHO Michael Kidd

The Australian Technical Advisory Group is considering extending up the rollout to all children.

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2 August 2021

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