Kids Found Safe After Driving Family 4WD From QLD To NSW

Found 900km away.

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Four Queensland kids who packed fishing rods and cash into a four-wheel drive in an elaborate plot to run away from home have been found 900 kilometres away.

The children, aged 10 to 14, made it all the way from the central Queensland city of Rockhampton to Grafton in NSW before they were finally found.

One of the children left a goodbye note for their family before the group set off in a four-wheel drive that belonged to one of their fathers.

It's believed they left Rockhampton late on Saturday night or early on Sunday morning, apparently planning to fill their bellies with fresh fish to conserve their stash of cash.

But they only made it 140km before they realised they needed fuel and allegedly stole a tank of petrol from a service station in the Queensland town of Banana around dawn on Sunday.

The 14-year-old boy, two others aged 13, and a girl, 10 were later spotted just over the border, in Glen Innes, before finally being located at Grafton later on Sunday.

Queensland police say the children are not under arrest, and no charges have yet been laid. They are working with NSW police on the matter.

Police expect to provide further details later on Monday.

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14 July 2019

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