Young Tasmanian Mother Hits Keno Jackpot

A life changing win

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A young mother from Derwent Park has been blown away after hitting the Keno jackpot and winning over $74,000 this week.

The woman who wants to remain anonymous said that she celebrated her life changing win by dancing around the house and going out for a hot chocolate.

She told keno officials that it was the best feeling ever when she had realised that she had won.

“I was watching the draw and saw the numbers come up one by one.”

“I thought I had seven numbers at first and I was very excited, but then I realised that I actually had all eight numbers.”

The woman said that she started screaming and her and her partner were jumping up and down.

“I went into shock after that.”

The young mother has decided to spend the money on buying a house for her and her family and a boat because she loves to fish.

“This is really going to set me up for the rest of my life.”

Gambling Helpline Tasmania: 1800 858 858

Chelsea Wilde

23 July 2020

Article by:

Chelsea Wilde

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