Keira Maguire Shares Her Thoughts On Cat, Romy and Alisha's On Screen Antics

"There's only so much you can edit"

11 September 2018

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The O.G Bachie bad girl, Keira Maguire, has shared her thoughts on Cat, Romy and Alisha's on screen antics. 

The trio dramatically departed The Bachelor Australia mansion last week follow allegations of bullying and straight up bad behaviour - and Keira says she doesn't have a lot of sympathy for them. 

“Look there’s only so much editing you can do. You can’t put words in people’s mouth and what I’ve seen is disgraceful. I think that you know, you need to be accountable for your actions” she told The Hit Network. 

The reaction to the trio's actions has been intense, with Cat Henesy even admitting she'd received death threats and Fox FM's Fifi, Fev & Byron calling off their interview

But Keira, whose relationship with fellow Bachelor in Paradise star, Jarrod Woodgate recently ended, said she understands what it's like to face public criticism:

"Yes, I did go through a little bit of that, I had a lot of backlash when I went on and I can totally understand what everyone’s going through, but you kinda need to look at it like a learning curve.

Listen to the rest of her advice here: 

“Obviously don’t let what people are saying get to you because it’ll be over in a couple of months, everything will be forgotten about. But kinda look back and reflect and learn and hopefully become a better person.”

Kiera was speaking to promote Deliveroo's Heartbreak pizza - a broken-heart shaped pizza just for the heartbroken - but insists she'd like to move on. 

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