Keep Track Of All The COVID-19 Cases Near You With This Interactive Map!

This makes things so much easier!

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As more and more venues begin to be added to the NSW Health COVID19 list, it has become increasingly harder to track which locations Sydneysiders might've visited.

Well, some legend has combined the NSW Health alerts with an interactive map of the state called, COVID-19 Near Me.


The interactive map was created by geospatial engineer Ken Tsang and very clearly outlines which shops, restaurants and other areas have been flagged as places where visiting patrons need to now get tested and isolated.

The map includes a colour coordinated key that also clearly highlights which venues you need to isolate for 14 days, get tested, watch for symptoms and which ones have been dismissed.

And because the interactive map is updated automatically as the NSW health alerts it means Sydneysiders can see the same information but this time, with a visual guide.


The map also has another great function which allows people to 'check off' the latest health alerts as soon as they are made or change.

This interactive map is not a part of NSW Health, so we do suggest you still regularly check the government website but for some people who find visuals a bit easier to read and follow, this might be a great alternative!

Stay safe people!

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30 December 2020

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