Get Back To School and Get Active!

Grab your sneakers and get stepping!

Georgie Marr

23 January 2019

Georgie Marr

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It's that time of year again, when we ditch the cars, throw on our gym shoes and walk the kids to school!

VicHealths Walk to School Program is back and even better than last year. This time, various artists are getting involved, painting footprints on the safest routes for the kids to follow on their big adventure to School.


As well as a handful of human footprints, distance markers and animal foot prints have been placed near 13 Shepparton primary schools so that the kids can see what animals have been roaming around the area.

As if these unique incentives weren't enough to get the kids outside, there are plenty of awesome stickers for the kids to earn if they decide to sign up!

So get amongst it and follow the link for more information or watch the video below!

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