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There’s no getting around it: this has been a strange, strange time. And as people across Canberra prepare for a gradual return to some sort of normalcy, I’ve found myself thinking a lot about the isolation practices I’m going to take with me into the future, and perhaps more importantly, which practices I’m going to check at the door. I mean, I won’t exactly be able to turn up to work in my bath robe and slippers, but there are some habits that are worth keeping.

            So, if you’re anything like me, here is my list of do's and don’ts for isolation practices in a soon-to-be non-isolated world.  


  1. DO spend more time on the couch

The couch gets a bad rap. Sure, it can be a place for unbridled laziness, but it can also be a haven of relaxation. A utopia for when the stresses of your workday won’t stop swirling in your brain. Just take a load off, read a book, watch TV, fall asleep. The couch is your friend.

  1. DON’T eat toast for every meal.

You can get really creative with bread when you need to avoid the shops. Biscoff on toast for breakfast for something sweet, vegemite on toast for lunch, baked beans on toast for dinner, followed by, once more, biscoff on toast for a sweet dessert. Did I regret it? No. But still, this habit needs to be checked at the door.

  1. DO sit outside in the sun, just because

Now this might be tricky as it gets colder, but when it’s warm out, there’s nothing better than sitting in the backyard in the sun and just closing your eyes. Get that Vitamin D.

  1. DON’T let the days pass.

When you’re home every single day, it can get real easy just to let time pass by and sideline all those things you’ve been meaning to do. Gardening, renovations, practising guitar. Whatever it is, don’t let the days just pass by. I’m ditching this one for sure.

  1. DO practice good hygiene.

Hopefully we do get back to some sort of normalcy, but we all need to look out for each other. So be a good neighbour, colleague and friend, and keep washing your hands!

27 May 2020

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