Karl Stefanovic Has Called Dean From 'MAFS' "Weak" For Refusing To Appear On The Show!

So did Patrick!

20 February 2018

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Every morning, after an explosive episode of Married At First Sight airs on Channel Nine, a couple from the show generally appears on The Today Show to chat to the hosts about the events of the last episode.

Dean, the man Australia loves to hate, appeared on the show before this current season of MAFS aired, with Karl Stefanovic grilling him on his "sexist" views about women obeying men.

This morning, Patrick and Charlene, probably one of the most loved-up couples on the show, chatted to Karl and Georgie Gardener about last night's episode, where Dean rapped to his wife Tracey.


The couple explained the episode through their eyes before Karl revealed that Dean had turned down numerous offers to return to The Today Show desk.

"We have repeatedly asked Dean to come on the show and the invitation stands."

Georgie was surprised to find out that Dean had turned down the invitations, but Karl was quick to say that he didn't turn down the network's invitations, he had specifically turned down Karl's invitations.

"He's turned me down.

"That doesn't necessarily mean he's going to turn the offer down.

"He won't come on the show."


Then, Karl decided to dig into the reality star saying he was "soft" for not speaking about the cheating scandal.

Dean hasn't conducted any interviews since MAFS began and the presenter said that hiding from the media definitely isn't the smartest move.

Even Patrick agreed that not discussing the scandal was a bad idea and Georgie put her hand up to chat with him if he decided to stop by.

Karl, however, wanted to tell Dean that he needed to come on the show and just "explain yourself".

"The guy's soft if he doesn't want to come on the show.

"You just come on the show and whatever, and explain yourself.

"'Cause at the moment, it's just weak."


Something tells us Dean won't be in a hurry to head to The Today Show...

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