Rail Maintenance Facility Approved for Kangy Angy

Residents lose battle

30 August 2017

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A new purpose-built train maintenance facility will be built at Kangy Angy with Transport for NSW making a final determination today.

The 24-7 facility will service and maintain the New Intercity Fleet and will include offices, amenities, staff parking and ancillary buildings.

Work will start almost straight away, with completion by 2019.

Around 300 jobs will be created in construction along with 200 on-going positions.

Residents had argued against it.

Below is the Action Group's Facebook Page bio...

The Train Maintenance Facility Residents Action Group is an association of residents affected by the construction of the Train Maintenance Facility in Kangy Angy.

The residents of Turpentine Road, Ourimbah Road, Orchard Road and Bridge Street, located in the suburbs of Ourimbah and Kangy Angy, were notified of the New South Wales State Government's plan to construct a Train Maintenance Facility in the area in September. Other affected areas are yet to receive notification, including Follyfoot Farm and Central Coast Rudolf Steiner School, both educational service providers for children. 

For some residents notification was provided in the form of a letter that set out plans for the acquisition of their property. It appears there has been an intentional lack of consultation between the New South Wales State Government, Transport for New South Wales and affected residents in order to streamline the Train Maintenance Facility's construction with as little opposition as possible.

The construction and operation of the Train Maintenance Facility requires access for heavy and large vehicles. As the existing access route is inadequate, the New South Wales State Government intends to construct a new route by connecting the southern end of Orchard Road to Bridge Street and the Pacific Highway. However, unknown to the New South Wales State Government, this area is vulnerable to extensive flooding and would require significant elevation to make it flood proof.

The construction of a Train Maintenance Facility in the area, which consists primarily of residential and agricultural land, will impact residents and the surrounding environment severely. These impacts include:
- Compulsory property acquisition;
- Property devaluation;
- Environmental impacts for local flora and fauna;
- Noise pollution;
- Visual pollution;
- Traffic congestion;
- Diminishment of the area's character.

According to one resident, who met with Transport New South Wales over the matter, Transport New South Wales will only compensate residents for land acquired. Despite the fact other properties not acquired will be significantly devalued, when questioned about compensation for residents for devaluation of their properties, Transport New South Wales responded with an "unequivocal no".

For these reasons the Residents Action Group has been created in order to spread awareness and resist the construction of a Train Maintenance Facility in the area.


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