Kalgoorlie Police Ramp Up Patrols

Antisocial Behaviour is Rising

4 April 2018

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Kalgoorlie police are increasing their presence in response to a rising number of disturbances to local businesses, with four officers to patrol the city’s CBD every day for the foreseeable future.

Under Operation Fortitude, four police officers — two on foot and two on bikes — will be patrolling the Kalgoorlie CBD at any given time during the day, and as late as rosters will allow in the evenings.

Goldfields-Esperance Inspector Glen Willers said the patrols would be operating from Monday to Saturday, as Sundays were generally quiet, and patrols would also be placed in the Boulder CBD as needed.

He said they would specifically be targeting businesses, many of which had reported an increase in crime and antisocial behaviour in the past 12 months.

As well as the patrols, Inspector Willers said police will have their Mobile Police Facility located around the CBD during the day. This will allow people to come in and raise any concerns they might have. The MPF is located on the corner of Brookman and Wilson Street.

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