Kacey Musgraves Refused To Do A Shoey On Stage In Sydney

She's too classy!

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Country singer Kacey Musgraves declined the opportunity to do a shoey on stage in Sydney last night.   

As has become a common request at Australian concerts, audience members urged Kacey to do a shoey. But the Grammy winner had other ideas about the Australian tradition of drinking out of a shoe.

First off, she showed the crowd her platform heels, acknowledging that it wouldn’t work. But then concertgoers offered up their own shoes – and she still said no despite their cheers.

“You could have athlete’s foot or something,” Kacey joked.  

After a little consideration and some encouragement from her band, Kacey stood her ground, saying, “That’s disgusting. I’m not f*****g drinking out of your shoe.”

While a vocal minority of fans in the arena were very loudly encouraging her to drink, most weren't really impressed with the idea - and they took to social media to share their thoughts. 


Hey, not everyone sees the appeal in drinking out of someone’s dirty shoe!

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Entertainment News Team

13 May 2019

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