Justin Timberlake Will Have New Music Dropping This Friday!

Welome to 2018!

Zoe P

2 January 2018

Zoe P


The first music news of the year is a big one.

The Prince of Pop, Mr. Justin Timberlake has confirmed he has a new album on the way and we will get our first taste of it in just a few days! 

From the little teaser trailer he’s released on Instagram (that’s how things are done now in 2018) it seems JT’s new album Man of the Woods will see his music evolve once more, this time taking inspiration from his southern roots.

“This album is really inspired by my son, my wife, my family, but more so than any other album I’ve ever written, where I’m from… and it’s personal," he says. 

Take a look! 


The album is set to be released February 2 so get ready! 

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