Jimmy Barnes Explains What Father's Day Means To Him

He opened up about his father figures.

3 September 2018

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Father's Day has just been and gone but we're still looking back to some of our best memories of the holiday and our very own Ryan Jon has a pretty nifty one.

Last year, Ryan spent Father's Day with Australian rock legend Jimmy Barnes, at his home in New South Wales.

It was a whirlwind of a day and understandably, the topic of fathers came up after Jimmy had followed Ryan's search for his biological dad.


This Father's Day, however, Ryan has shared some of the stories that Jimmy shared with him about his own father, his stepfather and how they both shaped the way he approaches being a dad.

Jimmy explained that whilst his father was absent for most of his life, his stepfather, Reg Barnes, took over the role and along with a few "hard and fair" school teachers, turned him into the man that he is today.

"Reg was not prepared for a family, the only reason he married my mum, I think, was to save us kids from ruin. 

"There is an example of courage. There's a man who did what he had to do, regardless of the outcome to himself."

He also told Ryan when he realised that Reg had become a father to him and why he chose to change his last name in honour of his stepfather:

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