Jesus Statue Suggested in Jetty Development

Consultation now open

28 February 2018

Article heading image for Jesus Statue Suggested in Jetty Development

Suggestions for the future development of the Coffs Harbour Jetty Foreshore are rolling it with many calling for more shade in the newly revamped section of the Jetty Foreshores, while others want more parking and even a giant Jesus statue rising out of the water in the middle of the Harbour.

The website for public consultation went live in recent days with many taking advantage of having their say already.

Low-level accommodation, and cafes have been a big suggestion, as well as parking in the precinct.

One person suggested a paved path to the summit of Corambirra Point near the south wall, including indigenous landscape art and sculpture, showcasing North Coast Indigenous Artists' work.

Some suggestions included access to marine life with one idea of an underwater viewing tunnel near the south wall, while others have mentioned an artificial reef with coral transplanted from the Solitary Islands to encourage diving and snorking.

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