Jessica Marais Stands Up For Marriage Equality With ‘Until We All Belong’ Campaign

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Carly Heading

4 May 2017

Carly Heading

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Image Credit: Simon Upton for marie claire

Jessica Marais has teamed up with marie claire to take part in their ‘Until We All Belong’ issue which is out today, in support of marriage equality.

The ‘Until We All Belong’ campaign has been extremely popular all across the country and it is in partnership with airbnb. The company has released a ring to help create awareness and has sold out numerous times.

The ring was created by Marc Newson and its design symbolises the gap in marriage equality.

Engraved with an inscription of acceptance, the purpose of the ring is to empower change, start conversation and work as an ongoing reminder of the current inequality of marriage in this country.

For this isssue, marie claire teamed up with 15 of Australia’s best-known names to fight for marriage equality.

Every celeb who features in this issue of marie claire wears the ring as a sign of their support.

Jessica Marais has graced the cover of this issue and as usual, she looks flawless.

The actress opens the conversation with a direct question for the Australian Government, saying, “Can you please explain to me why we are still talking about marriage equality in 2017?"

Jesinta Franklin, Gemma Ward, Asher Keddie, Adam Goodes, Waleed Aly and Carla Zampatti all appear alongside Jess in the issue.

To join the campaign and pledge your support, go to and order your free "acceptance ring" now! For all other information, head to

Check out the rest of the marie claire campaign here.

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