Jess From MAFS Is Now Dating Another Ex-MAFS Star

They should have been matched!

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Just days after her dramatic scenes outside the Logies, Jessika from MAFS has confirmed that she is dating someone new. 

And it's someone we know - another former MAFS star. 

Cast your mind back to MAFS 2017 where two blonde twins were paired with two very different guys. Well one of those guys, Nick Furphy, is now dating Jess! 


Yes, that is correct. It's a cross season love match. The pair have been friends for a while, but things recently turned romantic.

Jess told, “It just sort of went from me joking going, ‘Oh it would just be great to make it official now,’ to him saying, ‘We’re dating’ … it’s just one of those things that naturally fell into place.” 

Nick lives in Melbourne, while Jess is currently based on the Gold Coast. 

“The thing I love about (Nick) the most is that he’s just straight to the point; he doesn’t mix his words get involved in everyone’s drama, but he’s also in this little media world that I’m in as well, so he knows the pressure I can be under,” she said.

“He’s a little bit older so the prospect of children and settling down is something he does want in the very long run future — this is very fresh — that will be down the track.”

We wish them all the best for the future!


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4 July 2019

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