JB Hi-Fi Are Bringing Back The ‘90s DigiMon Digivice!

We won't kill it this time

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

24 May 2019

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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Bandai / JB Hi-Fi

The ‘90s were THE SH*T. There’s no doubt about it. 

We had some of the most iconic TV shows, trends, and pop-culture phenomenons that made our childhood truly epic. 




Two of those iconic trademarks from our ‘90s youth were our Tamagotchis and Digimon Digital Monsters. 

It was one of our first introductions to responsibility and we didn’t do too well at it, with our digital pets/monsters dying on us when we neglected them to go play in the backyard.

Well, now is the time to redeem yourself, because the Digimon Digivice is making a comeback and JB Hi-Fi have them available for pre-order!




The DigiMon Digivice will retail at $34 and comes in blue, yellow, grey, and brown. 

The key features of the digivice are:

  • “Feed him, provide medical attention, turn lights on/off, clean up after him, check his heath and train him then pit him against your friend’s DigiMon in a binary bout.
  • “DigiMon will alert you when he’s hungry or requires more training.
  • “Engage the exclusive dock ‘n rock feature and pit your DigiMon in a binary bout against your friend’s DigiMon.
  • “The Digital Monster you train for action.”

Sound like the perfect gift for you, or alternatively your child/cousin/kid-relative?

The Digivices won’t be available for sale until July 8, but you can pre-order them online now


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