Jason & Sarah Somehow Dodged Being Kicked Off 'The Block' !

They're staying!

Lauren Payne

17 September 2017

Lauren Payne

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Last week, Jason and Sarah were given an ultimatum after getting a zero score for their unfinished room.

The couple was due to finish their master bedroom, ensuite and walk-in wardrobe last week, but we left red-faced when the judges walked into what was still a construction site.


Jason and Sarah received a zero score and host Scotty Cam gave them a choice, either finish both the master bedroom and this week's kitchen or be kicked off The Block!

After the devastating blow, the couple went started working on both rooms, hoping to remain on the show.


Things got off to a rocky start and Sarah was worried that the rooms wouldn't be done in time for the room reveals.

Even their contractor was skeptical about how much they could get done in such a short space of time.


But once it was time for the room reveals, Jason and Sarah blew us all away!

They presented a stunning kitchen and comfy looking master bedroom and absolutely FLOORED everyone!


It was a Block miracle and because of their great effort, they were allowed to stay and complete their time on the show with a warning to ALWAYS finish their rooms!


In an interview with The Herald Sun last week, Jason and Sarah admitted that they weren't concentrating on their master bedroom and it ended up being the cause of their dicey ultimatum.

Their children were heading over to the U.K right after the Manchester attacks and were so concerned for their safety that they dropped the ball on their master bedroom.

"It was just when that awful London Bridge and Ariana Grande concert [terrorist attacks] were happening.

"They had never been overseas.

"They had never been away from us.

"We were in an absolute panic."

Luckily, after Scotty whipped them into shape, they were able to deliver one of the best comebacks that The Block has ever seen!

Well done, guys!

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